HTFSE - Hybrid

THC: 23% | CBD: 0.005%

OG Kush



One of the most popular and potent strains in the world, the OG Kush family is known for its pungent lemon, fuel, skunk, and spice scent/taste spectrum. 

The effects vary but almost always induce a sense of calm focus, never making the mind too cloudy, but still giving it a wake-up call with the potency.


Aromas: Earthy, Pine, Woody
Flavor: Earthy, Pine, Woody
Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Sleepy,
May Relieve: Stress, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite 

Flavor Profile

Effects and Attributes 
Effects Medical Negatives 
Relaxed 100% Stress 100% Dry Mouth 100%
Happy 90% Depression 75% Dry Eyes 50%
Euphoric 70% Pain 70% Anxious 30%
Uplifted 60% Insomnia 60% Dizzy 30%
Sleepy 50% Lack of Appetite 50% Paranoid 25%

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